5 of the Safest Countries to Visit in 2018

Reykjavik capital city of Iceland

Who needs stress about and worry about safety on vacation? These five international destinations offer plenty of adventure -- minus the risk.

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4 Money Lessons You Can Learn From the Joneses

Fish holiday concept

The Joneses seem like they have it all. It turns out they have some valuable money lessons to offer, too.

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Ask the Readers: If You Could Retire Today — Would You?

Woman wondering if she should retire today

Tell us if you would be willing to retire today and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

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5 Signs You're Financially Average — And How to Improve

Helpless woman having financial problems

You're probably pretty average when it comes to money — but that's not necessarily a good thing. Here's how to move to the front of the class.

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6 Free Self-Care Rituals to Get You Through a Long Winter

Beautiful woman listening music at home

When the weather outside is frightful, these free and easy self-care acts are cozy and delightful.

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